Tuesday, December 16, 2008

And now for you, Gail Z., and all other curious ones.

I had out patient arthroscopic knee surgery on 12/10 - and I've been in pain ever since the novocaine wore off!!

To say this was painful post-op recovery is like saying the Sistene Chapel is a finger painting. Both observations are inaccurate and gross under statements. Although I have to say that at least I am seeing a lessening of pain as the days go by.

But using crutches for any attempt at walking is a must. And I can't live without an ice bag! Forget drugs - they don't touch the pain! The doc finally gave me a cortisone shot today and that has helped. But so has the distance from surgery. I did tell the doc that in spite of everything I still liked him. He replied that he had heard that earlier in the day. Maybe he should listen????

Schwartz Family

Schwartz Family
OK. I tried something different and did and didn't get what I wanted. I was trying to transfer one picture from one blogspot to ours. Instead, I transferred the link to the blogspot.

That's OK because it's our son & daughter-in-law's site and has many cute pictures of the most wonderful granddaughters (to date) in the world.

So, click on The Schwartzs and see our little ones for yourself.

Personally, I think Sonja is on her way to earning the nickname "Sneaky."

Friday, December 12, 2008

Welcome back - to me, that is! I haven't updated this thing since Sonja was an infant, so there's a lot to tell!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Here's Anna eating ice cream and wondering where the Fair is--even though we're sitting right in the middle of it! It's been a busy afternoon and she's about had it, so who can blame her for wondering what's going on? Her announcement at the end proved to be a false alarm.

I haven't been blogging since the spring, so I thought I'd put a few pictures on before I found myself facing the Christmas season! Here are some new ones of Sonja (well, they're from June, I think).

Sunday, April 13, 2008

OK. I did it backwards again. So, scroll down until you see Sonja's first picture and then scroll up and the sequence will make a lot more sense!